2023 Tax Hiring Outlook
The 13th Annual Tax Hiring Outlook contains data from the only in-house tax hiring survey of its kind, providing the tax industry with real hiring and retention data straight from top tax! As the tax industry navigates uncertainty left and right, the data we uncovered didn’t necessarily put our minds at ease.
Demographic Impact on Tax Leadership Roles - Updated Data 2022
Data from our newly released report is showing that Baby Boomers (ages 58-76) are retiring but what’s more startling is the number of Baby Boomers remaining in our Head of Tax and #2 roles. Read the report and pass along to your tax, HR, and financial leadership, as the implications of this imminent knowledge drain will affect all levels of the tax department.
Is a Fully Remote Tax Department Sustainable?
Almost overnight, the coronavirus pandemic significantly changed many elements of how we live and work. For the tax industry, one of the more noteworthy adjustments was the sudden shift to remote work; resulting in a substantial transformation in the ways we conduct business. While we are by no means against remote work, we feel it’s critical that tax departments are strategic about how and when they utilize it.
Buyer Beware - Outsourcing Update - October 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has given the Big4 a convenient pretext to promote their managed services outsourcing model as a novel, client-driven solution. All the rage in the late 80s and early 90s, it’s pretty telling that none of the large, complex companies that initially entered into those arrangements are still doing so today.
The Hidden Challenges of Remote Work for Tax Departments - Managing Talent at a Distance
In recent months, remote work has become the norm. As we move forward into the “new normal,” we are beginning to see a number of emerging implications for the tax industry. While there are upsides to working from home, we believe tax departments will soon encounter complications in two key areas.
4 Successful Succession Planning Moves
With COVID19 retirements accelerating across tax departments, we are seeing more clients successfully utilize succession planning tactics in their hiring practices. In the current economic climate, now is the time for hiring authorities to make potential new hires aware of these succession planning moves to ensure alignment among both parties. Read about 4 methods Tyler Simpson has noticed in several of his recent searches.
The Gig Is Up
The vast array of talent available, combined with the unique flexibility the Talent Economy can offer, fundamentally optimizes tax department’s consulting budgets in ways that were inconceivable before. Learn more about how the tax profession is transitioning from the gig to the Talent Economy in Tony Santiago's latest article, The Gig Is Up.
Stereotypes Of Working For Non-U.S. Owned Companies In The United States
Understandably, working for a non-U.S. owned company in the United States is very different than working for a U.S. owned company. Having experience with these types of companies, we have observed various negative and positive stereotypes they face when trying to attract top talent in the U.S. Read Stephanie Gilmartin’s latest article to find out what they are.
Top 5 Fundamental Questions to Ask When Interviewing With a Foreign-Owned Company
With an evolving tax world, we are seeing many candidates considering employment with foreign-owned entities. Stephanie’s latest article offers 5 questions candidates should keep in mind when interviewing with those types of companies.