Case Study 1

When a key member of a global corporate tax department was abruptly forced to relocate, the department immediately turned to TaxSearch to help solve the unexpected challenge. During the initial due diligence, it became apparent the tax department lacked a viable succession plan for additional senior level positions that were facing retirement options. Therefore, a candidate was needed that could fill the vacant position and also have the capability of advancing and potentially succeeding as the Chief Tax Officer in the future.

TaxSearch immediately aligned with the situation and determined the exact needs and wants of the tax department while building a candidate profile to effectively execute the search.

By using both proprietary and traditional search methods, TaxSearch was able to successfully attract and screen several highly qualified candidates that could be confidently introduced to the company. Ultimately, the search was complete within the agreed upon timeframe and the candidate was on-boarded. The candidate was not only a solid short-term match but also had the potential for longer-term growth, advancement, and eventual leadership succession. Situations like this are not uncommon for tax departments as talented tax professionals are in high demand with a low supply.

Additionally, most tax departments are under heavy budget constraints being forced to take on more workload with fewer resources. These unexpected turnover events can have a major impact on the health of tax departments. In over three decades specializing in tax function optimization, TaxSearch has significant experience in helping tax departments face unexpected turnover in addition to creating succession planning solutions similar to this case study.