Tim McDonald

Senior Vice President-Finance & Accounting, Global Taxes

The Procter & Gamble Company


"Due to their high success rate, TaxSearch has been Procter and Gamble’s preferred tax search firm over the 17 years I have been the head of P&G’s Global Tax function. I also extensively used TaxSearch to build up the tax department at my former employer Baxter International. We have always looked for individuals with strong technical and leadership skills combined with a good cultural match and TaxSearch has been able to deliver the right candidates every time.

A few years ago, Procter & Gamble was interested in enhancing our diversity profile and asked TaxSearch to conduct this important high-level search. We had flexibility on where we would place the candidate within our tax department but knew it would not be an easy search. The diversity candidate that was identified and hired was an individual that matched all the areas we were looking for and was quickly identified as a high performer whom we wanted to position to be a leader within tax.

Over the last few years, this individual has exceeded all of our expectations, therefore, her track was accelerated and she was selected for one of our coveted overseas assignments where she will continue to learn, grow and develop and work closely with our leadership around the world. We highly recommend TaxSearch for any critical tax positions including any diversity roles where finding the individual that fits in all areas is important. "

Ahmed Rubaie

Chief Executive Officer at Anomali

Formerly Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer at SAP Ariba


"The professional value TaxSearch® delivers is best in class. The caliber of candidates is outstanding with dynamics that fit the corporate culture and contribute to the success of the tax function. Their process is diligent, expeditious and professional.

Ahmed is the former Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Ariba, Inc.

Jane Adam

Retired - Formerly Sr. Vice President Tax

Brown-Forman Corporation


"Tony and his team have filled several high-level positions for Brown-Forman in recent years. The candidates that were selected with Tony’s help have become very successful within a short time period. One reason for that success is the time Tony spends developing an understanding of the Company’s culture and working environment – he helps the Company articulate the qualities that are necessary for success."

"Tony can inform senior management about the marketplace for tax talent, and discuss with candor the reasonableness of salary expectations. His knowledge of tax departments and the challenges they face is invaluable."

John Briscoe

Former Chief Financial Officer

Weatherford International Ltd.


" I can proudly endorse TaxSearch® as the best source for recruiting entry to execute-level tax talent. As the new CFO of a multinational company, I needed to rebuild the tax department while leveraging existing talent that were on board. Tony and his team listened to my vision and provided great advice on strategy and execution of our recruiting plan to make the effort a complete success.

TaxSearch® understood the issues the candidate would face on the job and their breadth of contacts in the tax field was incredible. They leveraged both of these data points to effectively screen candidates that would not be a good fit for our organization or the role we needed to fill. They ultimately made a great match for our position at hand in less time and at a lower cost than expected.

I highly recommend that you utilize TaxSearch's services if you want the best result in recruiting top tax talent. Ask around . . . I did and the recommendations were unequivocal.

Jim Parent


Nestle USA, Head of Tax


"I had the experience of both being a candidate, recruited by TaxSearch earlier in my career, and then utilizing them to assist in a tax department rebuilding effort. I found that in both situations they were consistent in that the focus was always on ensuring that the match was appropriate from both parties' perspective. Realizing that as a tax leader I would only be as good as the quality of people I hired for my team, it was imperative to align with a staffing firm that could access the top tier tax talent we needed. I recognized that Tony Santiago and TaxSearch’s reputation in the tax field opened doors up to these high-quality candidates we would not have had access to. My situation required 24/7 availability from Tony and his team, and that was never a problem. His willingness to respond quickly and attentively to calls or emails is indicative of the client-focused approach he and TaxSearch provide. In my opinion, Tony and TaxSearch are head and shoulders above any other search firm supporting the tax profession.

Madeleine Barber

Deputy Chief Financial Officer at CBRE

Formerly Senior Vice President & Chief Tax Officer at Tyco International (US) Inc.


"As a candidate hired into Tyco by TaxSearch and now a hiring authority, I’ve experienced TaxSearch from both sides of the table. My candidate experience came as TaxSearch was hired to help build out the legacy Tyco tax department, as well as staffing many of the tax personnel for the two spin-off companies. TaxSearch was able to overcome the brand image of the original Tyco and the mindset the candidates had and was able to present the new vision for the company and the upcoming opportunities that were available in tax. Now as a hiring authority, we have partnered with TaxSearch because they are a leading tax recruitment firm and have in-depth knowledge of the tax market which allows them to provide an in-depth understanding of the candidates they present. They have a balanced approach to both the candidate and company’s needs, which is why they are so successful in their searches."

Edward A Tarle

Senior Vice President, Finance/Tax

Edwards Lifesciences Corp.


"Another outstanding search result by the TaxSearch team! Stephanie, you produced an impeccable short list of six diverse and balanced candidates, dealt adeptly with our last minute strategic changes and then counseled us and closed the deal with our #1 candidate. Thank you so much. I truly enjoyed reconnecting with you and working together once again. The future of EW tax is truly bright with this quality addition."