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"Years ago, when I first interviewed at TaxSearch, I was told working at this company can make you a better person. At the time, I thought that was an unusual statement…how can an organization help make you a better person? Years later as we have grown into a family of tax brands, I can tell you that is absolutely the case. Learning to listen, self-manage and to lead and mentor others are important skills that have helped me become a much greater asset for the clients and candidates I am fortunate to serve. My personal growth at TaxSearch has also transferred positively to my family life and for that I am grateful."

Adam Golden, Director, Executive Search

"Every day for nearly twenty years, I come to work wondering what I will learn today! TaxSearch has helped me evolve both professionally and personally. I have come to the realization that the interpersonal communication methods I have with our clients and candidates has also become how I deal with my family and friends. I realize how important asking questions as simple as "why" can be in any relationship. Being able to understand the core drivers within people and processes has helped me achieve a level of professionalism I never knew existed. I know there is still more to learn and TaxSearch is responsible for providing me with that opportunity."

Linda Montesano, Senior Project Coordinator

"I have been working at TaxSearch for two decades and I absolutely love what I do. Looking back, I can see how far I have developed as a professional and a person. Looking ahead, I can see we still have great things to achieve as we continue to push the envelope of innovation and value to everyone we serve. I have learned that providing value up front in every relationship is what builds trust and lifelong connections. I am so proud of the tax professionals I have helped over the years, watching them grow and find their own definitions of success. For me, working at TaxSearch has given me the opportunity to define myself on my own terms but with the support of a great organization and team of people."

Stephanie Gilmartin, Director, Executive Search

"The greatest joy I experience working as an executive recruiter for TaxSearch is how I am able to participate and influence "Win-Win" situations with people. I not only help my clients secure the talent they need to optimize their tax departments but I also help candidates make career changes that positively impact their life as well as the lives of their families. I have learned by working at TaxSearch, that as I continue to grow personally and professionally, I will be that much more valuable in helping others achieve their full potential as well."

Peggy Cross, Senior Recruiter

"At TaxSearch, I have come to understand the definition of what it means to do "rewarding" work. I deal with people on a very important facet of their lives; their tax careers. Often times, people assume we take only the technical aspects of a tax professional into account. In most cases, it is the personal characteristics that become even more essential in the process. I have learned that by getting to truly know the candidates I serve, I am able to provide more relevant and honest career advice which ultimately benefits the employers. In most business deals, someone usually wins. At TaxSearch, we strive to have all parties win and being a part of that process is truly rewarding."

Natalie Santiago, Senior Recruiter

"I have been with TaxSearch for two decades and there is a reason for my loyalty and that I enjoy coming to work every day. I have experienced significant growth at the firm both personally and professionally. Our company culture has always provided me with the opportunity to learn and lead and that has been an instrumental ingredient for the lasting relationships I have built along the way. I know my contributions are making a significant impact in helping both the candidates and companies we serve."

Debbie Martinez, Senior Project Coordinator