Our Team


Tony Santiago

President, TaxSearch, Inc. and TaxTalent
Tony Santiago is a recognized global leader in executive search, retention and talent development for major corporate tax departments. For over thirty years, Santiago has developed a reputation as the trusted authority for a portfolio of Fortune 100 tax and finance leaders that desire to build and/or maintain a world-class tax function. Santiago specializes in large corporate transactions including mergers and acquisitions, corporate spin-offs and tax department restructurings. Santiago founded TaxSearch in 1987 and today leads a team of expert consultants, recruiters and support staff that serve two primary markets in the tax profession: 1. Tax, Finance, and HR leaders who have a proactive interest in aligning their tax function to the business goals and objectives of the companies they serve. 2. Tax professionals who have a serious desire to invest in their career growth and leadership development. Today, Santiago leads a group of companies that work in tandem to provide an unmatched level of service to the tax profession.

Adam Golden

Director, Executive Search, TaxSearch, Inc.
Adam is a Director of Executive Search and has spent over fifteen years at TaxSearch helping companies build and maintain world-class tax departments. Adam has deep expertise in consulting with financial and tax leadership on the nuances of the tax market on a wide range of topics including talent acquisition, retention strategies, career development, and compensation matters. Adam leads Chief Tax Officer and VP of Tax assignments for both publicly traded and privately held companies in a myriad of industries. Adam has also led assignments for key direct reports to the top tax position including lead global tax planning, transfer pricing, global tax accounting, and global tax controversy positions. Adam has established himself as the go to person for his clients when any needs arise with a tax staffing matter at any level. In addition to his executive search work, Adam has thoroughly enjoyed serving as a Career Coach on the TaxTalent Career forum where he’s able to share his expertise with the tax community and help them navigate their career.

Stephanie Gilmartin

Director, Executive Search, TaxSearch, Inc.
As a Director of Executive Recruiting with more than twenty-two years of experience at TaxSearch, Stephanie has established herself as one of the premier Executive Recruiters of top tax talent in the country. Over the years, she has worked in all areas of income and indirect tax (International, Federal & State) with clients in every industry.  She also has a specific expertise and focus on assisting foreign owned companies staff their most critical senior level roles at their U.S. Headquarters & subsidiaries. She understands the technical and cultural differences foreign parents face when doing business in the U.S. and globally.  When trying to build and maintain world-class tax teams, financial leadership relies on Stephanie to consult with them on the nuances of the tax market. They trust her ability to identify, hire and retain those tax professionals that not only mitigate the risks tax departments face today but also bring the most shareholder value.

Peggy Cross

Senior Executive Recruiter, TaxSearch, Inc.
I am an Senior Executive Recruiter for TaxSearch where we work exclusively on matching client and candidate needs and wants. I enjoy the fact that I am helping someone make an educated decision about their future. I appreciate the value and of our search process and how transparent we are in how we execute. I always strive to make sure that the candidates I work with have as much information as possible so they can make the right decision that is best for them and their employers. I take my time to thoroughly understand the needs and wants of the candidates and the employers. I am most effective in the recruiting process when I fully understand the situation of the individuals I am helping. I have started to implement this mindset when dealing within my personal life and this change has made a positive impact in my relationships. I am currently involved with the growth of a sub-specialty group with TaxSearch that focuses exclusively on state and local tax matters for TaxSearch’s clients.
natalie pic

Natalie Santiago

Senior Executive Recruiter, TaxSearch, Inc.
Natalie, an Executive Recruiter for TaxSearch, helps clients find quality candidates that meet their needs and wants. While she enjoys many aspects of her job, Natalie considers the opportunity to consult with tax professionals and offer valuable career and market insight the most rewarding part of her role. As a Phase 4 Career Coach, Natalie provides guidance to tax professionals who are leading world-class tax departments. She’s an asset to the TaxSearch team as she’s placed a number of world-class Heads of Tax and top-level tax professionals at various Fortune 500 multinationals, many of which are leaders in their industries. Her approach to recruiting centers around first understanding the needs and wants of both the client as well as the candidate and ensuring that the needs and wants of both parties are in alignment. Aligning these needs and wants is key to finding a true match for both the client as well as the candidate, resulting in a quality hire and reducing the risk of turnover in critical roles within tax functions.

Linda Montesano

Senior Project Coordinator, TaxSearch, Inc.
Linda has been with TaxSearch and its related companies for nearly twenty years. She has a vast knowledge of the tax industry as she’s held a variety of different roles including Recruiter, Marketer, and a Project Coordinator. As the Senior Project Coordinator, Linda serves as the primary support for two members of the TaxSearch retained search team, while also functioning as the Assistant to TaxSearch’s President. She’s the lead in facilitating search agreements with our clients, setting up initial search meetings, developing company and candidate profiles pertaining to the search, and is the main point of contact for Human Resources and the hiring authorities during the search. Linda also provides important information needed by candidates regarding the client.
Debbie Martinez

Debbie Martinez

Senior Project Coordinator, TaxSearch, Inc.
Debbie is a TaxSearch Project Coordinator in our Tulsa location. She joined TaxSearch in 1996 and became the primary support for three members of the retained search team. Handling the day-to-day administrative functions throughout the execution of the search process, Debbie is the lead in facilitating search agreements with clients, setting up initial search meetings, developing company and candidate profiles, and is the main point of contact for Human Resources and hiring authorities during the search. Debbie also assists our consulting team by sourcing candidates. She enjoys the work she does with TaxSearch as she finds it rewarding to help make successful placements.