2023 Tax Hiring Outlook
The 13th Annual Tax Hiring Outlook contains data from the only in-house tax hiring survey of its kind, providing the tax industry with real hiring and retention data straight from top tax! As the tax industry navigates uncertainty left and right, the data we uncovered didn’t necessarily put our minds at ease.
2022 Global Tax Market Assessment
The Leading Forecasting & Predictive Analysis of Trends Impacting the Tax Industry Globally
Demographic Impact on Tax Leadership Roles - Updated Data 2022
Data from our newly released report is showing that Baby Boomers (ages 58-76) are retiring but what’s more startling is the number of Baby Boomers remaining in our Head of Tax and #2 roles. Read the report and pass along to your tax, HR, and financial leadership, as the implications of this imminent knowledge drain will affect all levels of the tax department.
Is a Fully Remote Tax Department Sustainable?
Almost overnight, the coronavirus pandemic significantly changed many elements of how we live and work. For the tax industry, one of the more noteworthy adjustments was the sudden shift to remote work; resulting in a substantial transformation in the ways we conduct business. While we are by no means against remote work, we feel it’s critical that tax departments are strategic about how and when they utilize it.
2022 Tax Hiring Outlook
What effects has the tax market had on your tax department? As predicted in our Global Tax Market Assessment earlier this year, many issues are impacting tax all at once, but the most significant are the supply and demand pressures. That said, tax has recovered remarkably well after the COVD-19 pandemic, thrusting us back into a hot candidate-driven hiring market with inescapable retention troubles. This year’s Tax Hiring Outlook has important data that you will want to read and understand to better educate your financial and HR leadership.